OctoSniff 2.1.0

The Original PS3/PS4 IP Sniffer


OctoSniff is a network research tool made for educational purposes only. It allows you, to determine information about other players you are playing with such as latency & more.


You can't compare our software to Wireshark or Cain & Abel. Our software, pulls also the usernames of other players in the lobby - so you rapidly know who's who!

VPN Friendly

We know how important Privacy is to our customers, therefore we allow our customers to change their IP's, and use VPN much as they want!

24/7 Support

We provide support 24/7, even on Christmas! We have our own ticket system, and live support chat available.

Any Gamer

Our software is super easy to setup, that anyone could do it - but it does require Windows 7 or newer.

Wireless & Wired

Our software has built in ARP Spoofing, which means it also works excellent wireless as wired.

Geo IP

Our software uses smart tech to determine the information on other players, such as Country/City/ISP and even if they use a VPN/4G/DDoS Protection!

Instant Delivery

Thanks to PayPal Express, you'll get your product instantly delivered on your screen after purchase & a email with a copy of the purchase.


Our tool works perfectly with PS3, PS4 and Grand Theft Auto! For full list, check out "features".


Customize the colors of the software to look like a true god, or just suit your mood!