Terms Of Service & Information
  • The license will be sent to the account you created on JustGaming - in the Inbox, as well as to your email address on JustGaming!
  • We offer no refunds, what-so-ever!
  • OctoSniff is easy to use, but requires basic knowledge of computers (ARP/Connection Sharing)
  • OctoSniff requires Windows 8, or newer.
  • OctoSniff can only be used on one computer.
  • We do not allow sharing or selling of account/license.
  • OctoSniff Ultimate & Normal is the same, except that Ultimate includes 1500 Points that you can spend on the website!
  • Life Time of free updates, but we may charge for new addons we add to the tool.

OctoSniff Life Time Features
Packet Filters (Detect Games)
IP to Username Database Lookup (UPDATED EVERY SECOND)
Advanced Geo IP Lookup Information (UPDATED DAILY)
VPN / DDoS Protection Detecter
Free Updates Frequently
Access to BETA Testing
Access to Tools & Resolvers
Customize Theme
OctoSniff Addons
PlayStation 4 - Username AI in Supported Games.
XBOX One - Non-Host Kick in Party Chats
PC - Username AI (GTA Online & RDR 2 Online)

When purchasing OctoSniff, you'll automatically get access to PLAYSTATION 4 AI for one month free of charge. After the month has expired, you can decide wether you want to extend it by purchasing the Addon. If not, the tool works without username AI as well. It uses our database to lookup the usernames, and everything else will work normal.

OctoSniff Normal
OctoSniff Ultimate (Includes 1500 Points)

Payment Methods

VISA & MasterCard Payments, Cryptocurrency via CoinBase. We also accept CashApp from users in United States & United Kingdom.